Information Required Before I Buy Any Car

If you’re reading this right now, you have probably clicked through from an email I have sent you requesting more information.

Buying a car for me is the same as it would be for you.

I just can’t make you an offer if all I know is the make, model, year and the kms.

Would you buy a car yourself with only this information and sight unseen?

Probably not – so all I can offer with the bare minimum information is a bare minimum price.

I can only offer a few hundred dollars without more information to cover my risk.

BUT, what information do I need to help me give you a fair price?

Ideally I need to see and drive the car for the price to go up.

Surely that makes sense – not many people would make a serious offer on a second hand car without driving it first.

If you really insist on a price over the phone or over email, be aware it will NEVER be as high if the car has been inspected in person – by me or by ANYONE else.

This is just common sense buying anything substantial.

Things I need to know/have are:

  • Mileage.
  • Is it automatic or manual?
  • Is it still registered? Till when? Or when did it run out?
  • Does it have a RoadWorthy Certificate (also known as a safety certificate or RWC)?
  • Is anything broken/damaged? You need to be very honest here, because these things will only come up when it is time to hand the car over anyway.
  • Is there any hail damage?
  • What is the paint like?
  • What is the interior like?
  • What are the tyres like?
  • Does it have a good service history? And can you prove it with stamps in the logbooks and/or mechanic’s receipts.

Don’t get me wrong, every car has a price even if you don’t know or don’t have some of the above information.

Do you already have it advertised somewhere and can’t sell it? Send me the link so I can see the photos – OR feel free to email me back with any photos you have.

This sort of information helps me help you get a fair price for your car in Brisbane.

Call me on 0411 362 229 with some more details about your car – or if you prefer, furnish me with all of the required information above as well as some photos and send me another email.